[SHE] Dreams + Designs &  [HE] Makes It Happen

The family behind Design Lioness - Garrett, Jamie, & Kali

We are a husband/wife team, high-school sweethearts, and best friends building our dreams together! Garrett is the "he', and I, Jamie, am the "she" behind this thing ;) Our speciality is creating goods with hand-lettered charm that will spark joy and inspire! Our goods make for the sweetest gifts, they'll bring smiles, give happy hearts, and be the finishing touch to any space. 

Now a little back-story... 

I come from entrepreneur parents, who I've watched grow their business into a major success! I knew owning my own business and creating something I loved was what I was going to do, and I was not afraid of the hustle and hard work that came with that. It was the "norm" I had watched my entire life, and still do to this day. So, after my college graduation, I decided to make it official, and I began the journey of building a brand. 

Fast forward to the planning of our wedding... both Garrett and I being creatives, and my need to have everything planned just perfectly, meant we were all in to the "planning" of a wedding. That planning process opened a whole bunch of new doors and lots of creative ideas! 

As I began designing our invitation suite, my love for typography and calligraphy grew even stronger. It is also when we started making wedding decor signs with Garrett's first 3D printer (we call her 'ole Betsy, she's still kickin' with thousands of hours on her). Since then, we've expanded our hardware making collection, created hundreds of designs and products, and have created a space where we create, produce, pack and ship all the things from. 

There's lots more to know about us ;) and our fur-baby, Kali Sage, who you'll see lots of!

So if you haven't already, join us over on Instagram, it's our favorite place to hang! 

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